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Anna wants to create another monster Lokpal

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Once we have accepted parliamentary democracy as a civilized method of social transformation there are no short cuts. We have to continuously endeavour to improve the quality of MLAs and MPs that we elect and the quality of governance would follow.

While Anna Hazare rightly focused on a problem, i.e corruption the solution that he is suggesting is not ideal. He wants to create another monster ‘Lokpal’. We have enough agencies, laws and institutions in this country and I don’t think we need one more. Once we have created Lokpal it will have hundreds and thousands of officers which will become another bureaucracy.

Yes, we can create Lokpal if you are demolishing one of the existing institutions. But no, that will not happen. Creating hundreds of new posts to combat corruption is not a wise thing to do. The Prime Minister himself is a Lokpal. He should drop ministers who are suspect. No need of enquiry and proof. Ministers have not gained their place by any competitive examination like IAS officers.

They have been appointed by the Prime Minister in the belief that they would govern wisely. If they fail they must go. Simple. In case of the Prime Minister himself the Chief Justice can be the Lokpal. After all how many complaints will be there for the Prime Minister himself. The Chief Justice can look into the merits of the matter and decide. Anna Hazare is not understanding the trap.

Government will only be happy to create one more Institution. There is a lot of haggling now but government will enact Lokpal bill. One more institution created will be as ineffective as the other institutions that we already have. Instead a social force like Anna Hazare should use his persuasive powers to change the behavioral pattern of people in power. They should set an example by simple living and high thinking.

In the present atmosphere the corporates are copying the west by leading a high lifestyle and flying in private jets. Politicians want to do the same. They want to avail themselves of perquisites that do not belong to them. As it is people complain that MLAs and MPs are provided free government accommodation, traveling allowances, a good pay cheque in a poor country. But now after 1991 they are not happy with that.

They want to partake in corporate perquisites like wearing branded good, traveling in their jets to which they have no right. Obviously, once you take such favours from corporates how can you take action against them. The Courts have to intervene in putting corporate honchos and ministers in jail. None of Anna Hazare’s demand address this problem. Unless the corporate – politician nexus is broken, Lokpal will be another exercise in futility.

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  • myviews says:

    corruption has to go in India. lokpal and total transparency are important requirements. have online systems and let lokpal see what is happening. no 500 & 1000 rupee notes please. all transactions should be through some id like PAN number. if you pay cash at a restaurant, you quote your PAN number and the transaction closes. it must be possible for lokpal to monitor income and expenditures. allow use of debit cards, credit cards and give discounts for their use. everything should be transparent before lokpal and all lokpal investigations and whistleblower inputs must be available online for people to see and evaluate.

  • ASHOK GAUTAM says:

    Rahul Gandhi keeps lowest denomination Rs 1000 note, few days, he was to buy a newspapers, he has offered 1000.Your suggestion is highly appriciable but if UPA govt comes in power again, they will introduce Rs 5000 & 10000 notes.
    Jai Hind- Jai Tyag ki Murti ka.

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