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BJP’s Policy : Congress-Mukt Bharat and Congress-yukt BJP

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nitish-laloo-yadavThe Bihar Government, ever since the Mahagatbandhan victory over the BJP, has been functioning very hesitatingly and with lot of hurdles. The main reason is that the outlook of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav are totally poles apart. The trigger of breaking alliance was the charges of corruption against the Deputy Chief Minister and Lalu’s Son Tejaswi Yadav. Lalu made his own readings of electorates and decided not to replace his son with another person, and insisted that his son will continue. Naturally, the BJP which is putting its footprint in the whole country took advantage of the situation.

The BJP has virtually replaced the Congress. Now, calling BJP a party with difference or a party with RSS principles and cadre is all bogus. Now it is plain and simple that it is a ruling party like the Congress had been for so many years, and it is using the same methods of ruling that the Congress used.  Some of the methods are defection and creating differences amongst allies, which are all fair games in politics. I cannot blame them as to why they are doing so, but that was what happened.

They created the story that Lalu is approaching them to bring down the government; Nitish thought that before Lalu brings down the government let me do that. Arun Jately, to his credit even at the time when elections were being held, had told K.C. Tyagi, “Alright you made a government maybe in future we have to work together.” Political reading of everybody is different and everybody’s reading was that Lalu is a difficult person to play a second fiddle to anybody.

Now to comment that what happen is good or bad has no meaning; it is the Indian politics. I am of the view, which now a minority view, that this country cannot be ruled differently by anybody. The constitution of India, the Directive Principles of the State Policy, the fundamental rights are worded in such a way that whichever government may come to power can hardly have a difference of 10 percent in its functioning. That is how Congress has been ruling, that’s how Morarji government ruled, Charan Singh government ruled, that’s how V.P. Singh, Chandrashekhar, Deve Gowda and Gujral governments did. Governments come and go. The prime Minister of the day can leave an imprint by his personality, by his wisdom, by his ability to tackle different problems, but to think that you can change that outlook of the bureaucracy or the outlook of the political people is too far an order. That is RSS dream and that will remain a dream. Nothing will happen. They want the Hindus – and Hindus are in majority and I am one of them – to believe that a cow’s life is more important than a human being’s life, if he is not a Hindu Brahmin. They can go to sweep, nobody will believe in this, an average Hindu does not believe this. Average Hindus venerates the cows, even I venerate the cow, but not over the heads of fellow humans. No way! And that is Hinduism. Although our caste system is a big setback to us by keeping Dalits and backward castes backward, but even the upper caste Hindus, the well to do Hindus, the people from intelligent society may not share their wealth or properties with Dalits but they are not prepare to torture them or kill them or bring Harm them. The RSS thinks that by conducting Shakhas and creating a victory, Hindus will become militant. Hindus are not militant. Hindus are secular, though the word secular is not good these days. Hindus believe in pluralism.

Who is Hindu? One who believe in Shiva or Vishnu or Krishna or Sai Baba or other gods and goddesses, everybody is Hindu. It is a broad platform. So why not one says that even people in India who are following Islam and Christianity are also one of us. What different it makes. You are calling God by a particular name. In Hinduism there are no restrictions, somebody goes to Shiva on Monday, somebody goes to Ganapati on Tuesday, and somebody goes to Shani on Saturday. Hinduism is very broad and the study of Hinduism is so deep that, I am sorry say, that the RSS is nowhere near it. They are not Sanatanis Hindus; they are Rajnitik (political) Hindus. They use Hindus as vote bank. Well they were succeeding in getting 10-20 percent of vote for them, because they get a bit militant and all that, but this time they got 31 percent of the votes not because of the Hinduism but because Narendra Modi emerged as a decisive personality, promising jobs, economic uplift, coming hard on corruption and black money. He has created a whole narrative. Now people will vote him on what he has done in five years. They are not voting him because he is Hindu.

Modi, I must say to his credit, has stuck to the constitutional line. He has said that Constitution is the only holy book of India. He has said lynching of people in the name of cows, I will not agree with. He has not done anything that can be called communal. But the country is run by a government, not by the RSS. The RSS was formed in 1925, in another 8 years it will be a hundred year old organization. We cannot undermine the RSS. If Hinduism is uplifted, I am with them. What is wrong in that? But what type of Hinduism? Not the Hinduism of their definition. Their biggest hero, whom they are trying to project, is Veer Savarkar. What did Savarkar say about cow? He said cow is a useful animal. As long as it is useful, it is ok. After that it should die. He did not say that keep cows forever and kill human beings. He was a rational fellow. I may not agree with him, there are doubts about his roles in Gandhi’s assassination, but he was acquitted by the court. So that matter is over. Today the efforts they are making to change the narrative of India are feeble and clumsy efforts. It is not that it will fail; it has already been failed in three years.

Modi did try. Let me give the credit to him. Through demonetization he thought he will give a shock treatment, like Indira Gandhi did by nationalizing banks. But sorry, demonetization has no effect. GST, which you cannot credit to him, was being discussed since Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government days, then UPA-I and UPA-II. Finally it comes. Good or bad it is a tax system. You cannot reinvent everything; reinventing the wheel appears to be their hobby that changing or renaming the scheme and thinking that it is their own.  It is not!

This is the country which is so old; this is a Sanatani country, a five thousand years old country. How can you come up with something extremely new? Yes, you can bring new scientific things, like computers are there. Rajeev Gandhi introduced computer. Bank transactions have become easy. You have got system by which money can be transferred, and you have got the system of credit cards. All such things are welcome, but you cannot change the basic mindset of India. The human being living in a village, the Hindu human being; will remain within its parameters. You can promise him jobs and all, but if you don’t give him job, how long will you take to keep your promise!

So the countdown for 2019 has started. Breaking the Bihar government and joining it is the part of that strategy, but let me be very clear that nobody should take 2019 elections for granted. A simple fact that the BJP on its own has got 282 seats last time. Will they get more than that? Even their supporters say, “We will get less”. Even if they get less, they can still make government because they have got allies. If everybody allying with them that will be a coalition, like Vajpayee’s coalition, there is no problem in it. India is ruled by 545 Loksabha members. Whatever combination have majority will rule. What the line I am trying to draw is changing the narrative will not succeed. Don’t deflect our attention from jobs, growth, and future to cows, scripture and temple that will not work. And their promise that they will solve Kashmir problem, where are they! Please tell us. Another thing is that he talks “Man ki Baat” every month but does not give a report card of what has happened. Nowhere, he said that we have tried and we failed and we have changed the strategy.

However, every ruler, every government has its own method of working and they have perfected that art in three years. They know how to use and misuse the CBI, they know how to use and misuse the IB. It’s alright, all government do this, but they should stop saying that they are party with difference or party with character, and the Congress has no character. All this must stop. They want Congress Mukt Bharat and a Congress yukt BJP. They are taking Congressmen and making government. Good Luck to them!

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