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Let a new Parliament handle the Lokpal Bill

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Lokpal Bill is again riddled with lot of questions. With Government having to retract on FDI in Retail and now it appears on Pension & Companies Bills. It looks as if the Government has been imprisoned by its own decisions. This does not augur well for the Country. At all times the Country needs an effective Government and not a situation which looks anarchic. Team Anna can go on making demands, dharnas, rallies, jail bharos etc. It is not their responsibility to prevent anarchy. Government has gone quite far trying to placate Anna and this does not augur well for a responsible and functioning democracy. One can’t work in this manner and one can’t have a Prime Minister saying that we are working day and night for a strong Bill. Deadlines given by Team Anna only create pressure and not great decision making. But what can be done when so many months have elapsed since Anna started his campaign. In a true democracy the correct answer is election. People should elect new representatives who can articulate the people’s aspirations better. Even if Anna doesn’t want to jump into politics those who support Anna can put up candidates through a newly formed party or individually. Even if twenty-five young people enter into Parliament not belonging to the existing parties it can make a big difference. Currently all MPs speak according to a script. Very few really speak their own feelings. They are just echoing their party’s stand. The answer is for young people to contest elections with forces like Anna supporting them. New problems need new solutions. Those supporting Anna should get together as a minimum program not making tall promises and call for elections. Pressure on the Government should be to dissolve Parliament and hold new elections and not pass the Lokpal Bill which can be handled by a new Parliament.

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