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Looking for an ‘Adarsh’ Lokpal

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For the past many weeks the country has been gripped with the idea of taking strong steps to eradicate corruption. Corruption is not a new phenomenon but post 1991 after the new economic policy came into being the scale of corruption has reached intolerable heights and hence the popular outcry. Corruption occurs at different levels. The common man, say in Bombay encounters corruption when he needs a ration card, driving licence, a municipal birth or death certificate, a passport and admission of his children in school. Technology has made life easier as far as telephones are concerned. This type of corruption affects a large number of people. To make life easier we require certain reforms at the level of municipal corporation and certain offices of the state government. In case of passports, the central government.

While the Lokpal Bill is being formulated it will be a welcome development if the state government gets cracking and make the life of the common man easier. We need many more schools to accommodate the growing number of students. Steps should be taken to build more and more schools so the need to give donations to get admission is obviated. At the higher level where corruption is recorded in scams like the 2G, 3G and CWG the Prime Minsiter of the country should just drop a minister concerned who is suspected. This needs no enquiry, no proceedings, no hearing. In this case if the Prime Minister had dropped the concerned Minister one year back this problem could have been avoided.
In the Lokpal Bill, the main problem that will be encountered is the selection of the new incumbent.  It is said that six former chief justice of India were corrupt. If this is true, where will we find a person who is fit to be Lokpal.

Lokpal is a punitive measure which is as good as it goes. For the common man to breathe easy preventive measures are required. The charter of citizen’s demand is a step in the right direction. ration card, driving licence, passport should be issued within a certain time frame so the question of money changing hands does not arise. Multiple visits to the same office should not be required. One visit to submit the application and another to collect the concerned document should be all. Delay breeds corruption and therefore a affirmative is required in this direction.

Also proceeds of illegality should not be allowed to be enjoyed by the purporters. Not a single 2G licence has been cancelled, all the Adarsh flat owners are still sitting smug their flats which they got for a fraction of the real price. There should be a law to immediately confiscate assets of these type.

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  • Rizwan A Quraishi says:

    You are right to say so.Great people do great work.
    Your analysis is very true.I agree with you.You related corruption with the new Economic policy.It means you know about the zionists capitalistic economic system.Corruption is the first necessary factor of this new Economic policy.And this policy is designed & implemented by zionist forces in our mother land.Economic masters are being trained by World Bank & installed in India.After the exploitation of west India is the target of this new Economic colonial system.
    Thank you.
    Rizwan A Quraishi(rizwanabidquraishi@yahoo.in

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