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Press in India and the freedom of speech

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The new Chairman of the Press Council of India has raised a vital point which has created a flutter in the media. The purpose of the Council was to keep an eye on the general standards of the Press and attend to complaints with the limited powers it had. Expectedly, it turned out to be a toothless body. Any person aggrieved against false and malicious things printed against him had to go to court to get his name cleared. Knowing ...

Anna wants to create another monster Lokpal

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Once we have accepted parliamentary democracy as a civilized method of social transformation there are no short cuts. We have to continuously endeavour to improve the quality of MLAs and MPs that we elect and the quality of governance would follow. While Anna Hazare rightly focused on a problem, i.e corruption the solution that he is suggesting is not ideal. He wants to create another monster ‘Lokpal’. We have enough agencies, laws and institutions in this country and ...

The anti-corruption crusade needs to a better strategy to alleviate poverty

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Anna Hazare appearing on a TV reality show said that in India there are two kinds of people. One who wonder kya khaun (thereby meaning that they have very little to eat and are going under-nourished or hungry) and those who wonder kya kya khaun (meaning that they have so much money that they are unable to choose what to eat out of what is available. He correctly focused on the wide disparity that there is between the rich and the ...