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Solution of Kashmir Lies in Simla Agreement

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Kashmir has been engaging the attention of the country for the past few weeks. Seventy-two people have died and the unrest is still there. The question everybody is asking is what is the solution to the Kashmir problem? Before that one should ask: What is the Kashmir problem? There are two problems in Kashmir. One, that Pakistan illegally and forcibly occupied a part of Kashmir in 1947 and there has been ceasefire since then. It is an issue to be ...

Elections results in five states : Some hold their forts, other succumb to anti-incumbency

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The election results of five states are out today. The results are as per expected lines. In Kerala they always alternate between LDF and UDF there are no surprises. In Tamil Nadu they normally alternate between DMK and AIADMK, but this time AIADMK has been re-elected which is a departure from the past practice. Credit must go to Jayalalitha that she still commands the confidence of the people despite controversies and court cases, which she always beleaguered with. In Bengal people ...