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NPA: Govt Needs to Relook the Whole Situation

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Expectations were raised that the second part of the budget session will be productive. The Finance Minister said that he is bringing the Bankruptcy Law and he will also try to get the GST bill passed. However, political developments always create a new situation and it has happened again. Unless the Congress cooperates or unless of course they can muster up all the other parties and carry on without Congress, Rajya Sabha will be difficult a house for the BJP ...

Let a new Parliament handle the Lokpal Bill

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Lokpal Bill is again riddled with lot of questions. With Government having to retract on FDI in Retail and now it appears on Pension & Companies Bills. It looks as if the Government has been imprisoned by its own decisions. This does not augur well for the Country. At all times the Country needs an effective Government and not a situation which looks anarchic. Team Anna can go on making demands, dharnas, rallies, jail bharos etc. It is not their ...

The govt needs to stem the rot

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It is a big relief that the government has postponed the decision of bringing foreign companies into retail. The corporate sector and the share market have reacted adversely. Due to various reasons the government is under pressure and all decision making has become slow if not stopped altogether. The corporate sector has said in clear terms that government should start taking decisions. Of course the decisions they want would include the decision of FDI in retail sector and such policies ...