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Public Sector Should Generate More Employment

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There is not much political activities as much as the high decibel of noises on various matters, some relevant and some irrelevant. The Finance Minister has been saying that the GST bill may go through this monsoon session, so far so good. There are two problems in it. One, the Indian GST as envisaged keeps petrol and alcohol, which means it’s only 60 percent or what it should it be. In my opinion as bad GST is worse than no ...

NPA: Govt Needs to Relook the Whole Situation

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Expectations were raised that the second part of the budget session will be productive. The Finance Minister said that he is bringing the Bankruptcy Law and he will also try to get the GST bill passed. However, political developments always create a new situation and it has happened again. Unless the Congress cooperates or unless of course they can muster up all the other parties and carry on without Congress, Rajya Sabha will be difficult a house for the BJP ...

General Budget 2016 : Budget Speech Emphasis on Agriculture Sector

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The much awaited union budget has been presented on 29 February. There are three noteworthy things. The first is the budget speech and the impression that it sought to create. Second is the outlay on various issues. The third is re-arrangements of figures to give a different picture of same outlay than the actual. Coming to the budget speech, it is a very aggressive attempt to project that this government has now turned its attention to rural distress. All budgets ...