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Freedom of Speech Is What Somebody speaks, somebody Doesn’t Like

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The Supreme Court has come down heavily on President’s Rule in Arunachal Pradesh, which was imposed on report the Governor J.P. Rajkhowa, who was a good civil servant earlier. The problem with the Article 356 has to be analyzed and a solution should be found on balance of view. One view which had come into prominence when NTR and all other parties have come together demanding that 356 should be abolished and the post of Governor should be abolished. Once ...

Press in India and the freedom of speech

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The new Chairman of the Press Council of India has raised a vital point which has created a flutter in the media. The purpose of the Council was to keep an eye on the general standards of the Press and attend to complaints with the limited powers it had. Expectedly, it turned out to be a toothless body. Any person aggrieved against false and malicious things printed against him had to go to court to get his name cleared. Knowing ...