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Let a new Parliament handle the Lokpal Bill

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Lokpal Bill is again riddled with lot of questions. With Government having to retract on FDI in Retail and now it appears on Pension & Companies Bills. It looks as if the Government has been imprisoned by its own decisions. This does not augur well for the Country. At all times the Country needs an effective Government and not a situation which looks anarchic. Team Anna can go on making demands, dharnas, rallies, jail bharos etc. It is not their ...

Anna wants to create another monster Lokpal

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Once we have accepted parliamentary democracy as a civilized method of social transformation there are no short cuts. We have to continuously endeavour to improve the quality of MLAs and MPs that we elect and the quality of governance would follow. While Anna Hazare rightly focused on a problem, i.e corruption the solution that he is suggesting is not ideal. He wants to create another monster ‘Lokpal’. We have enough agencies, laws and institutions in this country and ...

Looking for an ‘Adarsh’ Lokpal

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For the past many weeks the country has been gripped with the idea of taking strong steps to eradicate corruption. Corruption is not a new phenomenon but post 1991 after the new economic policy came into being the scale of corruption has reached intolerable heights and hence the popular outcry. Corruption occurs at different levels. The common man, say in Bombay encounters corruption when he needs a ration card, driving licence, a municipal birth or death certificate, a passport ...