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Secular, Socialist and Democratic Values Inherent in Hinduism

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Elections processes in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat are on. Himachal Pradesh will go to poll on 9 November, while voters in Gujarat will cast their votes on 9 and 14 of December. It is common practice for the political parties to pass slanderous remarks on opponents and exaggerate their facts during the run-up to elections. Nobody would have question if people from Gujarat campaigned in the state, but this time the BJP invited Yogi Adityanath to Gujarat. He has won ...

India Needs High Level Thinking in Policy Decisions

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Two years have passed since this government took over. I personally feel it has done reasonably well as a central government supposes to do, but the problem is the claims being made by the various ministers are quite wrong and in some cases laughable. For instance Mr. Piyush Goyel keeps on saying that 7,000 odd villages have been electrified which had not got electricity even after 67 years of independence.   That is what he says. What he means is out of ...