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Modi Government Bears No Stamp of NDA

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The NDA government was elected in May 2014, and in few months it will be completing two years. On an objective analysis the country’s economy is running as before, and as Arun Shourie rightly put it, it is like UPA-III government. There is no stamp of NDA on it. The last budget is a change in the sense that some emphasis has been put on agriculture sector, which was long overdue. It is a very good sign and they must ...

General Budget 2016 : Budget Speech Emphasis on Agriculture Sector

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The much awaited union budget has been presented on 29 February. There are three noteworthy things. The first is the budget speech and the impression that it sought to create. Second is the outlay on various issues. The third is re-arrangements of figures to give a different picture of same outlay than the actual. Coming to the budget speech, it is a very aggressive attempt to project that this government has now turned its attention to rural distress. All budgets ...