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PM’s Deafening Silence On Kashmir

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Situation in Kashmir is getting out of hand. Although one can say the Kashmir problem has been there since 1948, but it was really in 1990s (especially after 1987 elections in Kashmir, which was largely perceived to be rigged) that the real problem started. Throughout the 1990s we had difficult situations, then with some modicum of order elections were held etc. etc. Now with the current formation of PDP-BJP coalition, the matters have gone totally out of control. The reason ...

GST Agitation: Govt. Needs Pro-active Approach To Assuage Traders’ Anger

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The GST Bill is finally getting passed. Of course, over the last two years the BJP government has made it a big issue, as if the country’s growth depends on the GST. That is not so. GST is a form of taxation, which is adopted in many countries in Europe. It is not there in the USA. Whether it should be there in India or not, does not make a difference. It was mooted much earlier and throughout the UPA ...