Kamal Morarka

An Objective view on Two Years of Modi Government

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Two years have passed since this government came to power. They are celebrating it on a grand scale as would be expected, but let us take an objective view. An objective view would suggest that as far as administration is concerned, it is average, five on ten. The problem with this government is that they had raised the expectations so high during the election process that people who supported them and put them in to power are a disappointed lot, ...

Modi Government Bears No Stamp of NDA

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The NDA government was elected in May 2014, and in few months it will be completing two years. On an objective analysis the country’s economy is running as before, and as Arun Shourie rightly put it, it is like UPA-III government. There is no stamp of NDA on it. The last budget is a change in the sense that some emphasis has been put on agriculture sector, which was long overdue. It is a very good sign and they must ...