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Let only Kashmiri parties contest elections in Kashmir

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The unfortunate incident at Una in Gujarat has captured the imagination of the observers and Parliament. It is unfortunate that even after so many years of independence that the Dalits in this country are not being treated properly by the upper castes. That is a social issue. As far as the government is concern the law and order must be maintained and any violation of law should be dealt with severely by the police and the district authorities. BJP being in ...

Modi Government Bears No Stamp of NDA

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The NDA government was elected in May 2014, and in few months it will be completing two years. On an objective analysis the country’s economy is running as before, and as Arun Shourie rightly put it, it is like UPA-III government. There is no stamp of NDA on it. The last budget is a change in the sense that some emphasis has been put on agriculture sector, which was long overdue. It is a very good sign and they must ...