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Don’t accepted foreign studies uncritically

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Two events occupied headlines recently. The first one was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birth anniversary, which was celebrated on 31 October. Sardar Patel was a personality whose life and works are in people’s hearts and minds. He is not an ordinary leader who needs government’s endorsement to be remembered. Indeed, his biggest achievement was the merger of 500 princely states into Indian dominion. When the British left India, they divided the British India into two – India and Pakistan – and ...

Alarm bell sounded for BJP in Gujarat

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Not much is happening these days. Impending Gujarat election is in the news. Rahul Gandhi got a reception in Gujarat which the best of his supporters could not have expected. It is not that he suddenly has become popular in Gujarat, but it is due to the disenchantment with the BJP for various reasons. It is also evident in the speeches of the Gujarat leaders particularly Narendra Modi, when he has now taken the whole thing on himself; and whatever ...