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Government Talks Big & Acts Small

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The union budget was announced yesterday. Let us analyze it. A strange phenomenon is occurring in this country. Normally the government in power or the Prime Minister’s policy understanding and vision is very stable, but there is instability in the government, because of the coalition partners not thinking likewise. The strange thing just now is that there is a total stability in the number of MPs – 282 of the ruling party itself and allies. But there is total instability ...

Too early to judge Donald Trump

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Every week the political discourse is becoming poorer and poorer. Now they are saying Sharad Powar has got Padma Vibhushan because the BJP wants him to become soft that in case of Shiv Sena withdrawing support in Maharashtra NCP could help the BJP to remain in power. It is a saddest comment anybody can hear. Sharad Pawar has a long political record, Padma Vibhushan he deserves on merit, not because he needs to be placated to support the BJP. But ...