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Video : UP Local Body Result | EVM Under Scanner

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Secular, Socialist and Democratic Values Inherent in Hinduism

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Elections processes in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat are on. Himachal Pradesh will go to poll on 9 November, while voters in Gujarat will cast their votes on 9 and 14 of December. It is common practice for the political parties to pass slanderous remarks on opponents and exaggerate their facts during the run-up to elections. Nobody would have question if people from Gujarat campaigned in the state, but this time the BJP invited Yogi Adityanath to Gujarat. He has won ...

Alarm bell sounded for BJP in Gujarat

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Not much is happening these days. Impending Gujarat election is in the news. Rahul Gandhi got a reception in Gujarat which the best of his supporters could not have expected. It is not that he suddenly has become popular in Gujarat, but it is due to the disenchantment with the BJP for various reasons. It is also evident in the speeches of the Gujarat leaders particularly Narendra Modi, when he has now taken the whole thing on himself; and whatever ...

Prime Minister cannot belittle His office

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The UP elections have been announced with other four states. Political activities have warmed up and by 11 March the results will come as to which way the wind is blowing. We will analyze that later. First, the question is the demonetization problem has not settle down as yet. To begin with, there was not enough currency in the banks and to change the old notes into new. Then on some calculation the Prime Minister and the government announced that ...