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The anti-corruption crusade needs to a better strategy to alleviate poverty

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Anna Hazare appearing on a TV reality show said that in India there are two kinds of people. One who wonder kya khaun (thereby meaning that they have very little to eat and are going under-nourished or hungry) and those who wonder kya kya khaun (meaning that they have so much money that they are unable to choose what to eat out of what is available.

He correctly focused on the wide disparity that there is between the rich and the poor. His campaign against corruption is motivated by this disparity and he believes that the money which goes out of the system by way of corruption, if harnessed, the problems of the poor can be addressed better. There is no doubt that corruption is a major problem but I do not think we have thought out properly a strategy for alleviating poverty and providing proper food for the poorest of the poor. Many of the people flocking in support of Anna Hazare are out of theKya Kya Khaun lot, especially in the urban areas. Support for the anti corruption campaign is always welcome but Team Anna should start spelling out its vision on the economic problems faced by the country. Merely by reducing corruption, the present economic system will function more efficiently which means disparities will continue to grow. A previous finance inister said when the tide rises all boats rise. He meant if the economy improves everybody will benefit. This has not happened. Last twenty years have shown that macro figures have improved in terms of GDP, BOP but the problems of the poor have not shown corresponding improvement. If the present economic strategy continues the unemployed would be left in the kya khaun bracket. In fact some measures like NEREGA has given money directly to the poor. The present mood is that Parliament has ceased to represent the problems of the masses. It is being said that the electoral system is such that we will always get the same kind of representation. This may or may not be true but if the present system is unsatisfactory, we will have to present an alternative model. Doing away with politicians means doing away with democracy in which case we will be entering a dangerous area. The present electoral system has become loaded in favour of the rich and in favour of those with muscle power which includes people with a criminal record. This needs immediate correction if parliamentary democracy is to survive in a healthy manner. There is a proposal for state funding of elections to avoid black money. mThere was a demand to increase the low limit imposed by the Election Commission on the expenditure each candidate can incur. The Election Commission increased the limit to 16 lakhs for each assembly election candidate. The average expenditure that the elected MLAs have shown is not more than 8-9 lakhs while it is common knowledge that expenditure incurred is many times that. This shows that the scourge of black money in elections will not go easily. Parties will take state funded money and yet spend black money. Why waste government money by state funding if that is the case. A public debate on better electoral practices is required.

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  • avatar singh says:

    3rd june 2012.
    It is a well knownfact that britian runs a protection racket in which it isntalls stooges in other countries with american aqrms and then tells those stooges to bring stolen money to londona nd british tax heaven -on wbhich is depoendent whole economy of britian the bastard pirate race4 fof english parasites.
    so when baba ramdev agitates for bringing 500 billions of indian money stolenand stashed in foreind bankc the english media whichis ana gnet of rbitian strarts doing propganda agasint baba and sides with those people who are corrupt. Manmohan singh is british and American spy and agent.
    Quit arguing that UPA is actually for Indian people. It is simply by USA and for USA.
    (3) Quit warning folks who call MMS with names. It is proven beyond any doubts he is a mole of USA planted on India.
    Look at the cabinet composition which is filled with US moles imposed on us, Chidambaram, Sibal, MMS (unelectable), Montek (non-Indian), S.M. Krishna, Deora,
    This video with Vishwa Bandhu Gupta may help those surprised by allegations against MMS

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvYLLx_n … re=related

    now the nexex of media, busines class and govt. is open -they have no shame in opening pimping for corrupt people who steal nations wealth and stash in foreign lands./
    baba ramdev effort to bring this corruption to attnetion brings him arrst and disrpition by govt and police.
    It is the same unelelcted PM – who has signed a treaty with SWISS Banks that Indian Government will have no right to ask for any account details from them for A/c’s held prior to Mar 2011 – what a shame !! And unprecedented – is any more proof required as to whose interest this government is protecting and for whom it is working
    U.S. Charges Swiss Banker For Helping Rich Americans Evade Taxes – Halah Touryalai – Working Capital – Forbes

  • Vinu Palakkel says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to invite u to inaugurate 3rd Rashtranayak Chandra Shekhar Memorial All Kerala Inter School T-20 Cricket Meet (Under 17) in the 3rd week of Nov. 2011 at Changanacherry Municipal Stadium, kottayam Dist., Kerala. Plz suggest a convenient date.

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